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More Opportunity, More Money, More Healthy!

I cannot recommend Adam enough. He helped me get my shit together. I used to be unorganized and all over the place in my life and that led to a feeling of being overwhelmed. Utilizing the Meyer Method has helped me immensely in getting focused and bringing more balance to my day to day schedule. Since starting work with Adam, I have had more opportunities, made more money, and have been more healthy in all aspects of my life. Thanks Adam!

Reduce Stress and Increase Focus.

Adam is a wonderful coach to work with. He is extremely smart, highly capable, very knowledgeable, and has a wonderful personality! I strongly recommend working with Adam to anyone who is interested in reducing stress while increasing focus and productivity. Adam is truly the best!

Game Changer!

Working with Adam has been an absolute game changer. After searching and searching for methods to reduce and manage anxiety, Adam's approach on integrating tools into day-to-day life balance have completely shifted the way in which I go about operating my day. No longer do I feel trapped inside a box looking to force my way out. The spikes of stress now simply come and go instead of lingering for hours or days on end. He has provided direction and guidance to have a true feeling of control while really not trying to control at all.

Ideas to Move Forward

I feel like Adam really hears what l am saying and gets to the heart of the conversation. I never have felt judged, and always came away from our meetings with ideas on how to move forward. I always look forward to his feedback and have recommended him to several co-workers.

Eric P Music Producer & Entrepreneur
Dave H Founder & CEO
Russell M COO
Rebecca M Licensed Massage Therapist

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I'll give you the tools and resources you need to greatly reduce your stresses and achieve your successes. Whether one on one or in a group, we will work together to make your dream life real.

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From One-Minute Meditations, to 30-Day video courses , here's where you can move at your own pace as you discover and integrate the Meyer Method Stress Management System. 

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Nothing beats the energy and excitement of a live event. Whether a 90-minute Keynote or a Weekend Workshop, my live events offer powerful content and experiential practices that will skyrocket you on your way to achieving your dreams.

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